Weight Loss Update 3.5.17

Progress Date Weight Gain/Loss February 6, 2017 197.6 +1.8 February 18, 2017 199.4 -5.8 February 25, 2017 193.6 -1.8 March 5, 2017 191.8 So during the month of February, I lost almost 6 pounds. I'd say about half is due to Adipex and the other half, all me baby! Didn't do much at the beginning... Continue Reading →


Weight loss… the struggle continues

I remember the moment my weight issues started. It was the summer after 8th grade. Growing up, I wasn't the smallest kid, I’d say maybe a little bit bigger than average but I don't remember having any hang-ups - that is until I saw a photo of myself in my bathing suit when I was... Continue Reading →

Get to know me – Part 1

Five ways to win your heart be okay with waiting for me to be ready / share my love of reading and writing / hold my hand / text with me all day / be nerdy Something you feel strongly about There should be harsher penalties for sexual offenders. Also judges who let sexual and... Continue Reading →

5 Songs I’m obsessed with

Music is life! Yasssss, it is!  ALMOST as much as writing but not quite. I listen to everything - R&B, rap, jazz, blues, country, pop, gospel - If I put my music library on shuffle, you will hear everything from Toni Braxton to Kings of Leon. Genre I listen to the most is probably R&B/NeoSoul.... Continue Reading →


Okay so... I am on a journey to transform my life. To be honest, the first 37.5 years have been pretty mediocre. A few highs and few lows (always blessed and highly favored) but very few moments that have "taken my breath away" - good or bad. As a kid I had big dreams. Huge.... Continue Reading →

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