5 Songs I’m obsessed with

Music is life! Yasssss, it is!  ALMOST as much as writing but not quite. I listen to everything – R&B, rap, jazz, blues, country, pop, gospel – If I put my music library on shuffle, you will hear everything from Toni Braxton to Kings of Leon. Genre I listen to the most is probably R&B/NeoSoul. But nothing can take me there like 90s R&B. I listen to what’s popular these days and I feel sorry for us. Where did it all go so wrong? lol

But anyway, the five songs I’m obsessed with right now…

Adesuwa – Wild Light
I heard this while watching a new web series called GIANTS and had to proceed immediately to Amazon to download.

Olive – Smile
This song I’ve had in my library for a long time. No clue who this group is or why they are named after a nasty lil fruit. But I first heard it during an episode of a show I used to watch called, Strong Medicine. I’ve loved it ever since but for some reason I’m playing it a lot lately.

Willow Smith and SZA – 9
Willow Smith – I’m sorry, what? My thoughts exactly when it was suggested after I listened to something non-Willow on Youtube and was impressed. This is not disposable kiddie-pop, but soulful and has some substance. At some point in my life, I will also google this SZA person. She da truth!

V. Bozeman – What is Love
So this one I heard on Empire recently. Just started watching and it’s kind of hit or miss with me. LOVE the music and Taraji and Jussie Smollett give me life but half-way through the first season and not sure yet if I’ll stick with it.

Micah Stampley – Our God
Another that I’ve had in my library for a long time. It was from a compilation CD and I don’t know if I had ever even played it.  But my family is going through a difficult struggle right now. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out and I’m scared. But this song came on the other day and it really was like a Peace, be still moment that gave me so much comfort. “…And if our God is for us, than who could ever stop us?” A reminder I really needed that I don’t need to be afraid because even though the struggle is so real and difficult, my God is STILL in control.


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