Okay so… I am on a journey to transform my life. To be honest, the first 37.5 years have been pretty mediocre. A few highs and few lows (always blessed and highly favored) but very few moments that have “taken my breath away” – good or bad. As a kid I had big dreams. Huge. As an adult, I have big dreams. Huge. But to be honest in my day to day life, I’m doing very little to make those dreams come true. So #TheMasterPlan is my road map to transform everything about my life – I mean everything – physically, geographically, emotionally – ALL the “illys”. Mind, heart, body, soul….


#TheMasterPlan =

12 Rules starting on 2/12, 2 times a week for 12 months

1. Strengthen my walk with God – This should happen more than twice a week but currently some weeks it’s zero so the goal is to spend time with God – church, bible study, reading my word, praying, etc – two times a week, I will spend at LEAST an hour with my Father.

2. Write every day – Simply put, writers write. So while I will be writing SOMETHING every day, this goal is to spend 2 hours twice a week on my manuscript. My hope is to have the first draft completely finished by the end of 2017 but currently none of my ideas excite me. And if I’m not excited to write it, I don’t feel anyone will be excited to read it. So in the beginning while I search for my muse, this may include blog posts, journal entries, writing exercises, prompts, observations, free writes, brainstorming, etc. My hope is that I’ll have a solid idea that I’m excited about by mid-April but as long as I’m writing SOMETHING, I’ll be happy with myself.

3. Healthier lifestyle – I have been struggling with the same 30 or 40 pounds since I graduated from high school. It’s time to stop struggling and finally get some victory over this area of my life. I’ve been successful several times, have lost weight naturally and with Adipex, but always return to the same unhealthy lifestyle. When I think of the times when I was successful, I was usually tracking steps, foods, workouts, etc and spending so much time one it where it was like a full time job. That is difficult for me to maintain long term. So while I think tracking is great, this time I’m going to take baby steps. To start – working out twice a week and limiting eating out to twice a week. I will still read labels, try to get more iron and protein, cook more, try new foods and hopefully work out more but for the first couple of months, small changes and emphasis on #ProgressNotPerfection

4. Financial goals – Improve my credit, start contributing to my 401k, paying bills on time, be less wasteful and just be a better steward with money. I want to meet with a financial advisor and make a list of all of the things I can do to reach my goals and work on this list twice a week. I also want to come up with a budget that allows me to travel twice a year.

5. Move away – The is the biggest change on this list. I have never lived  more than 25 minutes away from the apartment I was born in. I now have an opportunity to leave and still keep my current job. My lease is up in August so I plan to leave in the late summer/early fall. Until then, twice a week I need to go through my belongings, donate and sell what I can, reasearch cities and areas, sign up for travel deals and even visit some cities if I can find good deals.

6. Clear my life/mind of clutter – There is clutter. The goal is to clean twice a week and clear out the “paper-hoard.” Not a huge hoard but about 3 large boxes/totes filled with paper that I need to file, shred, efile or toss.  My mind also needs de-cluttering – want to try meditating twice a week or listening to something that helps me focus.

7. Think/speak positivity – I am not the most positive person. If an opportunity presents, my mind instantly goes to the negative reasons why not. School, writing, exercising, healthy eating, invitations and activities with friends/fam, everything… I plan to get a Positive thoughts bracelet or something that I can wear every day. I am also going to post positive quotes/sayings at work, in the car, on this blog, on my phone… It is important that I have constant reminders. And when I do thing negative things, I will replace them with something positive and also will not give the negative a voice.  I have a jar I plan to write at least two positive messages or thoughts a week.

8. Find my bee people! Blind Melon – No More Rain. This is just an okay song, but my favorite video. The first time I saw it years and years and years ago, I think I may have actually cried. It was really late at night so I’m going to blame it on the exhaustion but this video really spoke to my childhood – little outsider/square peg/misfit that I still feel like I am sometimes. So this goal is to step outside of my comfort zone of fam/friends and try twice a week to find some introverted nerdy fiction writer bee-people with similar interests who will accept and like/love me for who I am. Library events, book signings, the Starbucks writing group I found, look online… this I’m hoping will be easier in my new city but I can still make an effort here at home.

9. Do it anyway! – Many times I plan to do something or start something and because I don’t FEEL like it, I won’t do it. I don’t have anything to wear. My hair looks like crap. I’m tired. Too many people. No place to park. Endless excuses and so many unfinished projects. So this goal is simply to “do it anyway”. I will identify two things a week specifically but this should happen organically with everything else on the list so I may change this goal.

10. Say YES! – Stop saying no to everything. Be more spontaneous. Get out and do something twice a week. Too much time spent at home – accept invitations, go to events on Facebook, seek out events or just take my laptop and go somewhere and write.

11. Spend more time with family/friends – I am the textbook definition of an introvert.  But over the years it’s gotten to an extreme level (#HappyHermit) and I wonder if my desire for solitude is just who I am or if it’s a sign of depression. I’m not unhappy. I do want to want more people around but most days I just don’t… However, I love my family and friends. Thy are a blessing and I should spend more time with them, whether I’m uncomfortable and want to go home the whole time or not. So this goal – twice a week, spend time with my mom and one other person – dinner, a movie or just visiting them at their house or inviting them to mine.

12. Work the list – Have a huge list of things I need to do and I want try and check everything off – things like fixing the windows in my car to finishing the spool bookcase to gettingsome unclaimed money. This goal is to work the list and check off two things a week.

So that’s it. #TheMasterPlan – if I succeed at the end of a year – February 12, 2018, I will live in a new city, have lost 25 pounds, have better relationships with God and my friends/family, have a writing circle, have a finished manuscript ready to edit and prep for submission, be in a better position financially, feel hella good bout myself and my accomplishments, be an overall more positive person and have a ton of experiences and memories I can use in the next book. #WishMeLuckButIDontNeedItIGotThis 😘


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