Get to know me – Part 1

  1. Five ways to win your heart
    be okay with waiting for me to be ready / share my love of reading and writing / hold my hand / text with me all day / be nerdy
  2. Something you feel strongly about
    There should be harsher penalties for sexual offenders. Also judges who let sexual and violent offenders off with slaps on the wrist or allow them to go unpunished should be removed from the bench
  3. A book you love
  4. Things you want to say to an ex
    I wish I never met you. Was any of it real? Do you still think about me? Fuck off.
  5. Your views on mainstream music
    Not a fan. Prefer to listen to older music. Rap/R&B- Very misogynistic. Wish girls would respect themselves enough to stop listening to songs that degrade them.
  6. Five pet peeves
    Small talk / any noise when I’m trying to sleep / guys who talk about sex too soon / the foul smell of the cooking of the people below me / the fact that there aren’t more shoes that come in wide sizes
  7. How important you think education is
    Extremely – especially for minorities and girls. Education shows you there’s so much in the world other than the small world you know or what someone has lied and told you. “Knowledge is power.”
  8. Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play
  9. A quote you try to live by

    “Progress, not perfection. ”

  10. What you wore today

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