Weight Loss Update 3.5.17


Date Weight Gain/Loss
February 6, 2017 197.6 +1.8
February 18, 2017 199.4 -5.8
February 25, 2017 193.6 -1.8
March 5, 2017 191.8


So during the month of February, I lost almost 6 pounds. I’d say about half is due to Adipex and the other half, all me baby! Didn’t do much at the beginning of the month – actually gained. Yikes. But I got it together and I finished out the month with one rockstar week, and an just okay week.

The week of Feb 18, I was constantly cooking, I hit the gym one time. Spinach omelets, cereal, treated myself with pancakes (but I topped with raspberries and maybe a tablespoon of syrup.) I had a couple of nasty smoothies that I choked down anyway. I hfile-mar-05-1-36-58-pmave come to the conclusion that there is just nothing you can do to plain fat free Greek yogurt to make it edible. Yuck! What else? Potato soup and garden salad from Bob Evans. Went to McDonalds and Subway as well but made healthy choices 🙂  Made round steak in the crock pot that was pretty bleh on its own but I shredded it and used for quesadillas and put some in the potato soup and it was pretty darn good!

Random – Noticed towards the end of the week, sugary foods that I usually love seemed too sweet – Raspberry lemonade and Honey Combs. Hmmm…

Week of Feb 25 was pretty lazy – did not feel like cooking at all so I ate a lot of cereal, granola bars, bananas, ice cream sandwiches (which are now once again, BANNED from the house.. Smh SO many ice cream sandwiches) – Basically foods of convenience. Didn’t overeat or have anything too bad but not a lot of nutritional value. Still lost a little so it’s a win but I know I can do better. I think the week served as big reminder that food preparation is crucial to success in weight loss for me. As long as there’s a healthy even just okay tasting option prepared and in front of me when I get hungry, I will usually make the right choice.

Adipex is affecting me a little differently than other times I’ve taken it. Before, if I took it later in the morning, I’d have trouble falling asleep. This time, I’m having trouble staying asleep. Uh, won’t be telling my Health Coach that but I hope once my body gets used to it, that’ll normalize.

Going to get my butt in the gym and try a couple of new recipes this week. Found a Broccoli cheddar soup that copies the one I LOVE from Panera. I need to find some sugar free snacks for work and when I’m on the go. Right now it’s usually fruit or a granola bar. Lots of websites suggest nuts but all the fat – even though the sites claim these are “good fats” (Whatever that means), I can’t bring myself to do it. lol. I found a black bean and avocado dip. Beans and avocados are really good for you. I’m not a big fan of either on their own but I think a dip that blends them together that I can eat with raw veggies would be perfect.

All in all, feeling pretty good. Until next time…


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