This blog’s not for you. It’s only for me…

“This song’s not for you. It’s only for me. From this day I choose to be set free. For all of the hurt I’ve caused and the pain I’ve felt and the hell I’ve been put through. Well no one can make it right except for me. That’s why today I choose… free” Shannon Bex

So just like the song, this blog is only for me. My thoughts, my ramblings, my feelings, my writing, my life… Yes, I’m putting it out there for anyone to see but make no mistake, it’s still only for me. I don’t express myself with any expectation that anyone will like, dislike, understand, agree with, be intrigued by, or care one way or the other but…

…if there are people that find it interesting and worthwhile, have feedback or want to dialog and discuss – I guess I’m okay with that, too.



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